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 Impact of ChatGPT on human behavior, is it ruining relationships? : A point of view

Recently my cousin turned, thirteen, and as a responsible aunt,  I asked her, what she wanted to pursue, amidst the conversion, she pulled up her phone and asked ChatGPT, "I am good at this, this, and this, give me career options", while I was sitting right next to her. At that moment, I felt that instead of conversing with me and arguing about her interests, she preferred to use AI for it, I somewhere felt offended at the same time shocked.

Then I thought, will I ever be helping her or anyone to make choices, and will she think enough to know what is ethical right and wrong for her? Will she ever listen to me or anyone except for ChatGPT? 

What if I am doing the same thing, as her?


*Me when i am in doubt


The key lies in the change in how decisions are made now, mainly because ChatGPT has what we want to see, listen and need, or it has more 'personalized' and curated answers for us.,

Since AI tools like ChatGPT produce solutions that you or I want to hear in seconds, it directly reduces our time to think deeply, whether it's right or wrong (ethically), further, it reduces our ability to think on a broader spectrum as well. Moreover, I feel it has now interfered with our emotions and feelings, for example, the other day I asked ChatGPT to write a sweet message for a friend, who was recovering after surgery, I felt that my work as a friend was done, but somewhere guilt hit me, as the words were not really coming from my heart.

If this continues, then I feel that we humans might soon have lower levels of empathy, and the ability to present our argument with critical thinking due to misuse of these tools. The best we can do as a community is to practice and preach AI with ethics. 

Moreover, this might impact, our networking skills, and making friends, we might limit talking to people just for the sake
 of work. 

In short, it has the power to dehumanize us, if we don't predict, learn and stop the current trend. And one of the best way to do it, to teach at school level the AI best practices.

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