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Challenge: To build a service in an existing product, but for different target demographics other than the existing one. 

Deliverables: Problem statementUser Survey. User needs. User Personas. Competitive analysis. User Flow. Wireframe. Hi-Fi. Improvments

Team: 4 members

My Role: Product designer

Time: 2 weeks [Apr 2023]

Canva Jr- Canva Tablet app for kids demographic (4).png

Problem Statement

Envision a world where children are bursting with imagination and creativity, but are unable to bring their visions to life because they lack the right tools. This can stifle their growth and prevent them from fully expressing themselves, hindering their cognitive and emotional development. That's where Canva Jr. comes in - a platform that empowers children with different tools that are accessible, fun, and designed just for them, so they can unleash their imagination and take their first steps towards becoming creative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

User Survey


kids like to click photo and share their stories with others


Needs parent's intervention for doing assignments


Loves to draw/sketch digitally. create poster or birthday cards


Owns digital devices/ ipads/ laptops for school work

User needs

1. Children need a tool that is fun and interactive to unleash their creativity.
2. There is also a demand for a creative outlet, which is easily accessible, and boosts the motivation of kids.
They also require a platform that allows them to draw or maintain personal diaries independently, within a secure environment.
4. An  application that assists them to create something all by themselves and feel proud of it
5. A means through which kids can write travel journals or maintain scrapbooks all by themselves

User personas

Putih Oren Biru Modern Simpel Pembelajaran Anak Anak Presentasi.png

Competitve analysis

Drawing tool for design.png

User Flow





 With a strong focus on accessibility and independence, I utilized Figma, to bring my vision to life. Additionally, I aimed at reducing visual clutter and keeping the interface clean and straightforward,  to empower children and, fostering their creativity and self-expression.


1. Parental control interface can be added, so they can monitor the child's progress, and make sure it is a safe environment for them.
2. Under parental guidance, there can also also be a subscription modal setup, so kids can have accessed to sticks and paid templates like features
3. 'Favourite' button can be added to the application
4. In the app, while drawing, children can view images in 4D and color accordingly 

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