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Creative. Curious. Passionate.

I am Pinkle Soni, I consider myself a creative thinker because I believe in the power of unconventional problem-solving. Curiosity is my constant companion, driving me to explore uncharted territories and challenge the status quo. It's this unrelenting curiosity that has consistently pushed me beyond my comfort zone, encouraging personal growth and new discoveries.
I've encountered my fair share of challenges along the way, and I've found that my passion for creating allows me to craft innovative solutions. Whether I'm tackling issues that I've personally faced or diving headfirst into problems I'm determined to resolve, my creative spirit is always at the forefront.

In a nutshell, I embrace my creativity as a means to think outside the box, driven by my insatiable curiosity, and powered by my desire to design and develop solutions that make a real difference.


Clubs and Organisations

Currently, I am a mentor and a Product Designer for the APMC (Aspiring Product Managers Club) website, where I've led a design team in developing wireframes based on data analysis and user feedback, resulting in substantial increases in hackathon registrations and site traffic and also guide aspiring product managers. 

I am also the President and head of the Graduate Women Coders Club, where I work and talk about women in tech and gender equality in the tech industry, as well as bring top  leaders in tech to speak on AI and data

Link to my work at APMC club - 

Badges and Awards

I was selected among 45 Northeastern University students for the prestigious Global Work Citizen program, where I pitched solutions to startups around the world like SoundPear from Greece and Manna Project in Ecuador.

I also was amongst  200 students in India to work with India's first cybersecurity NGO, as a 'Digital Safety ambassador. Where I co-authored research articles on phishing, cybersecurity, and internet addictions.
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