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A UX Expedition 
to create the ultimate Wellness Tracker, that strives to nurture the well-being of distant family and friends over 500 miles away.
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My Role

As a UX researcher and designer on my team, I focused on user-centered design aligned with Apple's HIG and maintained HIPAA compliance. I also conducted card sorting and created a solid information architecture.


To build an app that can help you take care of your friends and relatives from a distance by sending them reminders as well as being able to see their vitals under the HIPAA guidelines 

Tools used:

Figma, UXtweak, Trello, and LucidChart


5 members


3 month [Oct-  Dec 2022]

Problem Statement

This problem lies in the health and wellness industry, where taking care of near and dear ones has become challenging due to distance. As a result, it can make us feel challenged restless, and problematic if our close friends and family are taken care of or not. If this problem is not fixed, it might result in unavoidable costs and serious complications.


We wanted to understand the demands and market needs beyond self-reflection and what we faced as a student, so I went ahead and read articles, that highlighted the numbers on delayed healthcare, situations of caregivers, and huge medical bills. Here are some of the articles that I read and shared with my team to gain more information

  • A way that implicitly lets users supervise their loved ones

  • One-touch access to details like vitals, and health reports of patients

  • Users should be able to read as well as listen to the notifications/ reminders

  • Make a simple UI for people not familiar with tech

  • Get priority notifications for any abnormal vitals

  • Interface, connecting to  virtual telemedicine apps 

  • Stay in touch and updated with multiple people at the same time

  • In-built medicine tracker, that keeps track if the medicine is taken on time

  • Emergency interface for easy assistance for anyone in need

Proposed Solutions

User Needs

  • To nudge their family and friends about medicine intake

  • To able to add friends and track the health of near and dear ones.

  • To be able to assist your friends and family when in an emergency.

  • To be able to modify vital access given to their friends or supervisor.

  • To be able to get emergency assistance when in need.

  • To be able to receive priority notifications and get priority notifications on health updates.

  • To get a sense of responsibility irrespective of distance in order to take care of family.

Product Objectives

  • Track the status of any vital in the app

  • Users should be added and send invites to their friends

  • The user should be able to keep track of multiple users at the same time.

  • Nudge friends and receive nudges to and from friends.

  • Add Reports/Medication to the list and see it within reach.

  • Emergency Assistance when needed

  • Audio options on notifications for easy access.

  • Monitor the sleep habits of themselves and friends.


Health Insuarance
Marc has a student insurance
Technology use
Prefers using phone (iphone) over laptop
Marc Presley
"Youth comes but once in a lifetime"
  • Drinks frequently
  • Binge watch Netflix
  • Cannot focus on academics
  • Prefers staying up at night
  • Cannot say no to friends
  • Gaining weight due to stress eating
  • Short-tempered
  • Battling Insomia
Age: 18 years
Work: Student
Family: Single 
Location: Miami, FL
Income: N/A
  • Play piano
  • Singing
  • Drink with friends
  • Stop drinking
  • Take depression  meds on time
  • Become a pro at gym
  • Finish his academic work on time
  • Publish his own music
  • Launch his own record studio 
Most visited app/ website
Netflix, Youtube, ChatGPT
2-removebg-preview (2).png
Carolina Ru
1-removebg-preview (2).png
"Body is not measure of healing, peace is"
Health Insuarance
Carolina has a full insurance
Technology use
Prefers using laptop than phone
  • Eat out regularly  
  • Works all day
  • Brings work at home
  • Addicted to caffeine at work
  • Dealing with PCOD
  • Forgets to take meds
  • Trying for IVF
  • Work pressure
Age: 30 years
Work: Program Manager
Family: Married
Location: Boston, MA
Income: $100k
  • Make-up
  • Painting
  • Scuba-diving
  • Have kids
  • Do meditation daily
  • Stay fit
  • Have a Work-life balance
  • Sleep properly
  • Start eating healthy
Most visited app/ website
Slack, NutriCare, Linkedin
Bruce Wayne
"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price"
Health Insuarance
Bruce has health insurance provided by the goverment
Technology use
Relatively new to iphone
  • Smokes cigars frequently
  • Wakes up at 5:00 AM for a walk
  • Drinks daily
  • Had a stroke five years ago causing trembling in the right hand
  • Must take medication three times a day
  • Do not have 24*7 help
Age: 70 years
Work: Retired
Family: Married
Location: Bedford, MA
Income: $30k
  • Playing cards
  • Gardening
  • Reading books
  • Set medication reminders
  • Track heartbeats
  • Go for regular checkups
  • Stay fit and continue going for walking
Most visited app/ website
Youtube, Spotify, Google

Card Sorting

As the UX researcher in the team, my responsibility was to conduct research and gather insights to inform the design process. The primary research method employed to us by our professor, was Card Sorting,  both open and closed, to generate valuable UX insights. Two participants were involved in the study. And, UXtweak tool was used for it.

Research Objectives:

  1. To understand user mental models and preferences regarding the information architecture of the product.

  2. To identify patterns and categories for organizing content and features within the product.

  3. To inform the design process by uncovering user expectations and preferences.

Open sorting


Close sorting


IA from open card sorting


IA from closed card sorting


Information Architecture

Based on the sorting observations, the following decisions were made regarding the information architecture design. By understanding users' natural grouping patterns, content affinities, and areas of confusion, we were able to create an architecture that aligns with users' mental models and improves overall usability


As a result of our group discussion, we created the initial low-fidelity wireframes. To facilitate the rapid ideation process, we utilized Microsoft Note, which provided a flexible platform for sketching and documenting our design concepts. These wireframes serve as a visual representation of our proposed user interface, allowing us to communicate and refine our ideas before moving forward with high-fidelity designs.



The prototype was built using Figma, keeping the project objectives in mind. I various created components and used plugins like Contrast, and Iconfiy.

Onboarding Screens and basic SignUp flow

Monitor Sleep and other vitals in detail of themselves.

Add reminders for self and nudges for friends. 

To be able to add more than one friend or family and send invites.

Add reports and medications for monitoring purposes

Emergency interface for when in need.

Estimated Impact Created

After building this prototype we looked back on the goals and opportunity  that this design and prototype, could potentially have if deployed, and launched on iOS mobile platforms

  1. Implementation of the emergency interface can help in tracking abnormal heartbeats, and save lives on time

  2. Monitoring sleep patterns and other vital signs can serve as a valuable tool for indirectly gauging the mental health and overall well-being of loved ones, thus addressing issues such as suicide rates and mental health crises.


After designing this project, following were the improvements we could add on 

1. Further develop the emergency interface, for its better usage
2. Integrate the chat feature within the app, to communicate with the family directly
3. Improve the medical record UI by giving the ability to grab information from a single report added and update it automatically, in the health vitals
4. UI to collaborate with a family doctor directly via the app

Other case studies

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