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The Full Story


Redesigned Costco's website with a new feature, new UI, and a better user experience 

The Challenge

Revamp the shopping experience of Costco website, by adding convenience of multiple carts, updating customers with restocking and tracking timers, and earn rewards on repeat orders. Thus optimizing its user experience

Costco reimagined

Deliverables: User Research, Brainstorming, User Flows, Hand-Sketching, High-Fidelity Prototypes, results from 

This is a personal project and does not represent any affiliation with Costco


In order to understand and address the problem with the existing website, I plotted some questions to ask myself.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-02 at 2.25_edited.jpg

Potential Outcomes

If the features are added to the website, the following can be the changes seen from the UIUX perspective.

Potential Customers

Here is the list of the possible target audiences for which the features will be of great help.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-03 at 4.09.24 PM.jpeg



User Flow

Opens the website.png

I created an ideal user flow from the brainstorming session, as this is how I imagine the user's journey to look like, this will also give me a brief idea of the navigation route of the website as well as assist me when I create the wireframes and prototype. 

Paper Prototyping

As the first step of design, I chose this method as it help me figure out all possible pages for his product model as well as decide which works best for me as well as help me test all my ideas on paper. 


High-Fidelity Prototype


1.Basic LogIn/Signup/Guest mode

If the user wants to log in, sign up, or stay in guest mode, they will take the following steps.

2. Shopping for halloween

Here the user wants to shop for their upcoming Halloween part y so here is how it will be.

3. Create a new cart

User wants to create new cart to shop for another event and so to  do so, they start by creating cart .

4. Restock timer for product

The user wants to know if the product is available or out of stock and if so, then when will it be available? and set reminders for same.

Future Scope

1. There can be further UI built to handle multiple carts.

2. Another feature can be made to track and get restock updates for customer satisfaction much like order tracking.

3.  Like the product return services, there can be a supply chain route for donations, so people can donate extra stuff, that they might not have used or not need any more.


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