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UI/UX designer and developer in B2B and SaaS
leverage insights from Retail, Tech, and Manufacturing, integrating them with my information technology background to craft solutions

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I've worked on

Product design | Website | SaaS

APMC website

Revamped the official website by reducing bounce rate by 15% by iterating on the product via data like click rates and heat maps

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UI/UX | iOS app | Healthcare

Wellness Tracker

Designed features, like medication reminders and real-time vital sign monitoring, to track the health of loved ones back home

UI/UX redesign | Web app | Technology

Zoom app- redesign

Enhanced the Zoom app, by adding an ice-breaker feature, to set the tone for meetings


Visual Design | Mobile App | Food Service

Cafe Space_

Seat reservation app to save time, with the help of a 3D view of the cafe


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