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UX/UI Designer
Merging insights from Consumer Tech, Manufacturing, and LLM-based web apps with an IT background to craft innovative solutions for B2B, B2C, and Healthcare sectors.


I've worked on

Product design | Website | Consumer Tech

APMC website

Enhanced the official website, cutting the bounce rate by 15% by iterating on the product based on insights from click rates and heat maps.


UX/UI | iOS app | Healthcare

Wellness Tracker

Implemented features like medication reminders and real-time vital sign monitoring, to track the health of friends and family back home achieving a 98% grade.

UX/UI  | Web app | Business Communication

Zoom app- redesign

Enhanced the Zoom app, by adding an ice-breaker feature, to set the tone for meetings, based on a user survey with 10+ participants.



"I have worked with Pinkle, and she successfully led transformative website redesign, to craft intuitive interfaces. Her UX research provided valuable insights while building wireframes. Highly recommended. "

- Subash, My Product Manager at Thinkverse, 2024

UX/UI Designer


Dec 2023- Present

Debugged the B2C website by developing and implementing a design system, leading to a 13% conversion rate

Product Designer


May 2023- Dec 2023

Crafted wireframes, satisfying user and business needs. Led design team to prototype, iterate, and test the site using data via hotJar analytics, sparking 120+ team signups.


UI Designer

Aug 2020- Nov 2021

Led brainstorming sessions with UX researchers and product managers, and handled design discrepancies in the interface, leading to 82% customer satisfaction.

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