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Green Pack

B2B sustainable packaging platform to build customizable, sustainable work of art, enhancing brand identity and environmental responsibility

Problem statement

This problem lies in the e-commerce sector where eco-friendly custom packaging options for bulk purchases have become a challenge. As a result, businesses struggle to find the right packaging solution that aligns with their branding and sustainability goals. Therefore, there is a need for an intuitive B2B platform that enables businesses to easily purchase customizable eco-friendly packaging in bulk with transparent pricing and shipping options, catering to different shapes, sizes, products, and events.


To build a B2B platform where one can buy eco-friendly packaging of various shapes and sizes in bulk and has the option to customize it for a variety of its products. 

Tools used:

Figma, LucidChart, and Canva, 




1 month [Feb-  Mar 2023]


As part of the project, I aimed for the following goals.
1. Create a user experience for easy navigation of finding the required  product
2. Build an Interface wherein users can find the packaging they need based on size, shape, and customization options, and see clear and concise labeling of products, categories, and subcategories that will make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.
3. Transparent communication on shipping and seller details
4. Platform should show descriptions of the eco-friendly packaging options available, including materials used, dimensions

Design Process

For this project, I went ahead and used double diamond design process

Discover Phase

  •  To explore this side, I went ahead and did market research, and user research, and got some key findings

Define Phase

  • Based on the above research, I defined user needs and drafted a competitive audit report.

Develop Phase

  • Once I identified the needs and gaps in the current market, I penned down the features and crafted user flow.

Deliver Phase

  • To sort it out, I again designed wireframes and how the prototype will look like.

DD method.png


Initial Insights- Market Research

I started by researching companies in the sustainable industry specifically from a B2B service design perspective. I understood the gaps, and key pointers to remember when designing, which include highlighting 'Are you actually solving the sustainability issue?',  and what actually comes under the umbrella term 'sustainable'.


Initial Insights- User Research

For this part, I conducted user interviews, for that I headed to Quincy Market in Boston to  interview local  businesses  business owners, asking them the  following questions

  • Do you currently source and purchase packaging for your business?

  • Do you use eco-friendly packaging in your business for your product(s)?

  • What kind of eco-friendly packaging do you use (e.g., recycled cardboard, biodegradable plastic, etc.)?

  • Is sustainability a priority for you when making decisions about your packaging suppliers?

  • What challenges have you faced when purchasing eco-friendly packaging in bulk in the past?

  • How important is the customization of packaging for your business needs?

  • Would you switch/consider switching your packaging purchase to more eco-friendly options?

  • Is there anything else you would like to see in a B2B platform that sells eco-friendly packaging in bulk?

Key findings

Following were the generated outcomes after the conducting the above interview.

Use paper bags/ packaging


'strongly agree' that sustainability is priority when taking business decisions, today


Found eco packaging as an expensive alternative and see no personal need or care about recycling


Wants to customize their product packaging, 


Majority said 'yes' to consider use of eco-friendly pack



Wide variety of options for eco-friendly packaging products,  from size, and material to price.

The platform should allow buyers to customize their packaging products

User needs

The following user needs were identified after the research was conducted. a wide variety of options for eco-friendly packaging products,  from size, and material to price.

Provide clear and detailed information for each item, including dimensions, and other relevant specifications.

Allow users to review items, for building trust and ensuring transparency

Be transparent about shipping fees, including any extra charges for specific destinations or methods.

secured and convenient payment option for bulk orders, and tracking feature for the same 

Competitive analysis

During my research, I found these potential competitors who offer similar services, in the existing sustainability B2B markets, but still needed improvements

  • Does not provide, a user review section to view products in real-time

  • Does not customize the package in 4d view

  • Offers digital moqup of the product, but no option to get a  physical printed  sample to view before hand in order to place bulk orders

  • Focus on paper based packaging only

Untitled design (17).png
  • Does not customize the package in 4d view 

  • User does not have freedom to customize without regestering the company on thier site first



Based on the above study, I shortlisted the following features.

  • UI for selecting from a large pool of options and finding the required product

  • ​UI for customizing the product and adding a brand label

  • ​Secured checkout 

  • UI for Order/shipment tracking

  • Option to provide review/feedback on the product page

  • More detailed information on products' sustainability and environmental impact​

User Flow

The user flow of the app looks something like this



I created low fidelity wireframes in AdobeXD


Home Page


Customization Page


Product Page


Checkout Page


I created high fidelity prototype in Figma


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